Meet your host: Dan from Birch & Oak Cottages, Glenborrodale, Loch Sunart

14/02/2019 Meet your host: Dan from Birch & Oak Cottages, Glenborrodale, Loch Sunart

What inspired you to offer amazing accommodation?

To change the way Scottish accommodation is let, and turn it into more of an experience, akin to how you might be a skiing holiday, where all the services are laid on depending on your preferences - help with ski hire, passes, transfers etc. Translates to help with weather planning, wildlife watching, kayaking hire, whale watching, walking guides and transfers.


What brought you to Glenborrodale, Loch Sunart?

Some of the best wildlife, scuba diving, sailing, whale watching and kayaking in the UK is at the top of the sound of Mull, where Loch Sunart meets the Sound of Mull. UK signature dives (Hispania, Rondo, Bo Fascadale underwater mountain), Isle of Carna, Tobermory.


What interests you about the accommodation industry?

Accommodation is a means to creating the experience.


What is your favourite thing about your own property?

The private beach and the views of the loch and the wildlife.


What is your favourite activity to do in Glenborrodale, Loch Sunart?

Kayaking and/or Scuba Diving.


What is your favourite local recommendation for guests coming to stay?

Kayak the Isle of Carna, Visit Sanna Beach, Scuba dive Bo Fascadale.


How long have you been offering accommodation?

4 years.


A day in the life - What is a regular day like for you?

Helping guests plan trips and continuously ensuring the accommodation works in a very rural setting.


What would you say are the top three winning aspects of Birch & Oak Cottages?

The wildlife watching from inside the accommodation, the views and the high standard of internal fit.


If you could change one perception about Scotland what would it be?

Scotland has bad weather. Which is not true, love Billy Connelly quotes here, but the trick is to help the guests plan for all weather eventualities.


Tell us two hidden talents / lesser known facts about yourself that not many folks might know!

I was in musical theatre as a kid and have worked as a software engineer in 11 countries around the world before arriving in Glenborrodale.


If you were a product, what would you be and why?

An iPhone - simple on the outside, extremely complex inside.


If you had to choose one Scottish icon, which would it be and why?

Single Malt Whisky...seriously is this a question, there is no other icon!


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