Meet your host: Chris from the Green House and Glenelg House Room, Glenelg.

10/01/2019 Meet your host: Chris from the Green House and Glenelg House Room, Glenelg.

What inspired you to offer amazing accommodation?

The inspiration for creating the Green House came from my very grown up and favourite cousin, Dr Anthony Ayles, who in 2008 shouted down the phone at me to get on with my life and create something, instead of drinking 2-3 bottles of NZ Sauvignon Mudhouse every evening (never on my own of course). I sold the Glenelg Inn in April 2007 and quite simply walked away a month later with nothing but my fountain pen.

What brought you to Glenelg?

After 32 years, I was free as I first started entertaining in the Kintail Lodge Hotel in January 1976. I'm still getting over the novelty of having my very own home some 12 years later. I moved up the hill from The Glenelg Inn and straight into 24-hour care for my mother who rather selfishly broke her hip in November 2007. I did manage to secure care for her and we had 6 happy years before she called me to her bedside and asked me exactly how far did I want her to kick that bucket.

What is your favourite thing about your own property?

Work began on the Green House in early 2010 and by April 2011 the wee place was ready to go. We famously commissioned the big Finnish wood-burning hot tub with much hilarity and of course gleefully helped by local worthies and Terry Nutkins who I'd known since 1960. Terry worked with Gavin Maxwell, the author at Sandaig.

What is your favourite activity to do in Glenelg?

Our favourite pastime in Glenelg is boats. We've had them here since about 1890. Family used to take Sunday school picnics down to Sandaig in the Belona in the early 1900s, (see pic). I have a powerful military spec RIB these days and it's a selfish pleasure to take out Green House guests to lots of private bays, beaches or to Kinloch and Applecross for lunch.

 The Belona, 1904[4]_ChrisMain.jpgSandaig 1925[3]_ChrisMain.jpg

How long have you been offering accommodation?

Having been involved with tourism for over 42 years now, it has given me the opportunity to show off and behave rather badly on an almost full time basis.


A day in the life – What is a regular day like for you?

A regular day for me is making myself look extremely busy and important, I sometimes have two, even three changeovers some weeks, but to be honest it's not easy to look busy 24/7.


What would you say are the top three winning aspects of The Green House?

The main strong points of the Green House is location, beautifully set in the south end of a huge private highland garden looking over the sea to Skye. A huge 50-foot deck, the Finnish wood burning hot tub, the 24hr floating bar, the free adventures at sea, the ferry, the brochs, the barracks, Gavin Maxwell, Ian Fleming, the wildlife - something which is totally unique.


If you were a product, what would you be and why?

I would probably be whisky, it makes one dreadfully important.


If you had to choose one of these Scottish icons, which would it be and why?

I would be Robert the Bruce as his 37th generation grandsons, Charlie, Alex & Adam have been annoying me for the last 40 odd years with quite a few other old families all still very much about nearly 900 years later. We all still get drunk and fight about land, although they visit less now obviously since I sold the Pub!

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