Meet your host: Bill & Sukie from Fiddle Hill Cottage, Hawick, Borders

17/01/2019 Meet your host: Bill & Sukie from Fiddle Hill Cottage, Hawick, Borders

What inspired you to offer amazing accommodation?

A convergence of circumstances, an excellent site, meeting our amazing builder, the irresistible chance of one last challenge and putting all our experiences to get it right (hopefully).

What brought you to Hawick

Another convergence of circumstances. We reluctantly left the West Coast because I had a heart attack and Sukie's mother (on the south coast) had health and mobility problems and needed more support.

What interests you about the accommodation industry?

Meeting people and having a wee chat. Sukie says I talk too much.

What is your favourite thing about your own property?

Its peaceful ambience with the King Post at its heart, to hug.


What is your favourite activity to do in Hawick?

Walking the hills but may be replaced with cycling the valleys on our new E Bikes.

What is your favourite local recommendation for guests coming to stay?

Apart from the opportunity of eating Sukie's wonderful food or a brief cookery lesson, climb a local hill, if you're not up for that, visit the new distillery in Hawick - five stars.

How long have you been offering accommodation?

We have been in the hospitality industry for 25 years.

A day in the life - What is a regular day like for you?

In two words busy, busy!

In the winter we have a cow and calf to muck out and feed twice a day, ducks and chickens to look after, big poly tunnel to get ready for spring, an honesty box to keep topped up with fresh eggs, jams and chutneys, wood stores to maintain, fruit trees to prune, guests to check up on (perhaps a wee chat), children (8) and grandchildren to support/keep in touch with, try and keep up with the going's on in Ambridge, and Sukie has nearly always got something on the go in the kitchen. Three days are pretty much taken over once a month by the PopUp shop, 'Sukie's Scones' where money is raised to support a school feeding program project in Zambia. (it's about to become a Registered Scottish Charity - Opportunities Zambia).

What would you say are the top three winning aspects of Fiddle Hill Cottage?

The wonderful structure of the building, the attention to detail on all its contents - epitomised by 'The Bed' and its setting within our croft - while having privacy, gives guests the chance to meet the animals, even ride Flora the Highland Pony.



If you could change one perception about Scotland what would it be?

That Scots are careful with their money. We knew this to be false even before we started raising money for Africa.

Tell us two hidden talents / lesser known facts about yourself that not many folks might know!

Sukie can scrounge through any kitchen/ fridge and find enough bits and pieces to produce a tasty two course meal. On a warm day, I can produce rustic loaf bread from scratch in 40 minutes.

If you had to choose one Scottish icon, which would it be and why?

The Falkirk Wheel plus the ‘Kelpies' or maybe the ‘Kelpies' without the wheel and perhaps relocated to the top of Neptune's Staircase.

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