6 Outlander Filming Locations to visit in Scotland

24/01/2019 6 Outlander Filming Locations to visit in Scotland

The end is near for the fourth season of Outlander and we will soon be experiencing extreme ‘droughtlander' until series 5 heads our way. To stave off the imminent hunger for our favourite Scottish TV series we have put together a collection of filming locations you can visit on a day out from one of our best Scottish cottages.



The opening credits of the first season of Outlander gives you glimpses of the spectacular scenery that we are blessed to live amongst. The most noticeable features of Glencoe are the steep sided peaks of the three sisters known as Short Ridge, Black Ridge and Long Hill. As well as being on the top of visitors bucket lists when visiting Scotland, Glencoe also boasts some amazing low and high level treks so don't forget your hiking boots.


See also: Rannoch Moor for stunning scenery featured in Outlander.


Best cottages to stay at: Oak Cottage or Seabank House



Did you ever wonder how they got all those authentic looking 18th century period village scenes? That was down to the replica village at the Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore with turf-roofed Highland crofts where Claire learnt all about waulking wool with the local women.


Best cottages to stay at: Great Glen Pod, Weirloch Lodge



One of the images that makes us think immediately of Outlander is of Midhope Castle (Lallybroch - Jamie Fraser's ancestral home). Midhope Castle is a 16th century tower house situated on the Hopetoun Estate approximately 4 kilometres from Edinburgh. The area near the carpark was also used for filming Jamie's cave when he was hiding from the English during the Highland clearances.

Blackness Castle is the location of Fort William where Jamie is taken to after he disagrees with Black Jack Randall, and is subsequently flogged in front of a crowd and his father. The mossy rock floor covers the ground area of this castle and there are beautiful sea views from the walls.


See also: Hopetoun House - location for the home of the Duke of Sandringham as well as scenes of Ellesmere and Helwater. Linlithgow Palace - used for scenes of Wentworth Prison where Jamie is held hostage by Black Jack Randall.


Best cottages to stay at: No.1 Bellevue Terrace, Ghillie's Cottage, Fiddle Hill Cottage, Great Glen Pod.



A medieval stronghold in the Stirling district of central Scotland, Doune Castle is used as the location for Castle Leoch in Outlander (Clan McKenzie home). As well as being famous for Outlander it has also been used in many other productions including Monty Python & the Holy Grail, Ivanhoe and Game of Thrones.


Best cottages to stay at: The Glenlivet, The Glengoyne, The Glenmorangie, The Macallan, The Auchentoshan, No.1 Bellevue Terrace.



A place of major historical significance for anyone interested in the Highland Clearances, Culloden Battlefield was the site of the final Jacobite Rising in 1746 with Bonnie Prince Charlie. Jamie Fraser is shown fighting alongside his fellow clan members in Season 3 of Outlander, and Claire also visits the Fraser gravestone in the 20th century.


Best cottages to stay at: Weiroch Lodge


Note: All location suggestions are based on a day trip, with a driving distance of no more than 1.5hrs each way.

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